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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Twist Ending

Short Story Twist Ending

He was a hard working man, successful, enjoyed the finer things in life. He would run around playing football with his Friends in High school and talk to all the pretty girls that sat and watched him score a touchdown. He’d take one out on a date and compliment her on how beautiful she was. She would smile and laugh and give him a kiss on the check. He’d take her home and wish her a goodnight and tell her he’d call her in the morning. She’d give him one more kiss and go inside and sit on her bed and think, while he got in his car and drove off into the night. She knew something was strange about this guy, he was to good to be true. She went into a deep thought and realized that it was morning already. How did she fall asleep ? She can’t remember a thing. She got up out of bed and looked around and saw that her place was cleaned up. This is strange. She pinched herself to see if she was dreaming. « Ouch » she said. This proved that it wasn’t a dream. Her head was spinning with confusion. The coffee pot was making a fresh batch of warm coffee, but she didn’t even get up to go and start making it. She just shrugged her shoulders and went to go pour a fresh cup to see if that would wake her up some more to see that all this was just in her head. She Grabbed her cup and walked to the table were she sat and looked out the window at the beautiful towers in the city. She remembered that the guy she met last night was suppose to call her, and possibly take her out again for another date. She thought maby he was the one that would win her heart and marry her. She waited and waited but still no call. Maby he’s busy she thought to her self. So she went and got ready to take a shower and hopefully by the time she got out he’d call… 20 mins in the shower and still no call. She gave up hope and got ready for work. She got dressed and grabbed her keys and headed towards the door, when the phone suddenly rang. She quickly picked it up. « hello ? » she said. « hey how’s it going ? » he replied. « sorry i couldn’t call any sooner i over slept ». « oh ha that’s OK . I'm just about to head out to get to work » she replied. «  Maby we can do something when i get off though ? ». «  Well about that. The thing is i can’t see you for a while. I’m kind of busy watching over some one and can’t leave her out of my sight ». « oh that’s fine well when your not busy let me know, we can get some dinner or something ? » she asked. « sounds good, talk to you later. Bye ». He hung up. She layed down the phone and quickly ran out the door because she was going to be late. This is very strange she thought why would he be watching over someone ? Was it a job ? was he a babysitter or something ? Huh ? As she crossed the street she looked at a man who looked a lot like the guy that she met last night and was just on the phone with. She quickly walked toward him but she couldn’t keep up with him. It seemed that she was running in place. She screamed at the man telling him to wait for her but the man didn’t even budge to turn around and look. She dropped her purse and started running to him, the man took off sprinting down the sidewalk and lead her on a high speed chase down the pavilion, through a puddle, and into an ally. Just then the man stopped in front of a wall and turned to look at her. He had bleach white eyes as if he was a blind man. She slowly walked towards him, slowly reaching to touch him. He backed up away from her with each and every step until he couldn’t back up anymore. She finally stood in front of him and touched his face. He grabbed her and tied her up and deported her to a room with nothing but blank white walls and a little bed. The women freaked out and realized that this wasn't a dream but a crazy imagination. She snapped back to reality and realized that she was in an insane asylum and was put in a room for running down the hall’s chasing nothing, but what she thought was a man.


Positives about Creative Writing were that it taught me how to become a better writer and use different forms of writing. I helped me use my creative side and making up stories and daily journals that are crazy and sometimes don't make sense. I liked how we had a daily Journal in the beginning of class and also the song of the day was pretty cool because you got to hear different types of music that people liked.

Some Negatives would be that some of the assignments I didn't really like because they didn't make to much sense and they were kind of hard to create without looking up examples on the Internet.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well worst experience I had in a restaurant is when a virus went Nom Nom Nom on my computer for creative writing!... DAMN viruses. Now I don't know what to write about. But in all seriousness I think the worst thing that has happened to me in a restaurant was spilling soda on t he table when I was 10.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Imagine you opened your own restaurant. Tell the name of your restaurant. Explain what the restaurant looks like, who works there, and what you serve.

             If i opend my own restaurant the name would be Bucky because of my last name and it's been my nickname ever since 6th grade. The inside would look like a sports bar mixed with a little bit of a down south feeling. Me and my dad would own and work their with some other employees. We would server alot of food from the south that you normally wouldn't see in the northern parts,but if you do happen to find it in the north it won't be as good. Also their would be a bar where people could drink and my dad could sell his own brewed beer he's been making.... that's pretty much it. Their would be jazz music playing in the bacground to kind of have that entertainment piece while you are enjoing your meal, and we'd have TVs around so people can watch the big games. To top it off we'd get local artists to do a live preformance that is appropriate for entertainment while eating on a saturday night.

Monday, April 4, 2011


The year was 2111, and I was going nowhere in life. The economy was horrible; a biological war has broken out. As thousands fled for cover from the airborne disease only few could get away. This was a world where gamers ruled everything. Gamers where the most important thing to society now because it was so technological that people couldn’t comprhend the technology they were trying to handle. We all knew this day was coming where technology would rule the world and how it works. Now that it’s happened it all comes down to this. The world ending and only one way to save it… By going into the system and defeating the main system itself. Researchers and scientists took the best 100 GAMERS in the world and put them to the ultimate test.
Luckily I was one of the ones chosen. I didn’t agree to do it because I liked gaming. I agreed to do it to save the world, you see I was once the best gamer in the world. I had broken thousands of high scores and set record breaking times that no one could beat. Some would say I was a hacker others would say I use mods but I knew the truth, and that’s all that mattered. The other 99 GAMERS and I were invited into the city arena where we sat looking at big screens scattered in different corners of the place. Each screen had a certain type of games ranging from FPS, to MMORPG.
Each person had a specific type of game they were good at as for me I was equally skilled in each type. The one I liked the most was MMORPG. Anyways all of us GAMERS were rounded up into the arena and seated in the seats. As we sat there we watched as the researchers and scientists took the stage and explained to us why we were here. We are here because we’re the best GAMERS out there and we need to help save society from the technological advances taking over.  The scientists explained to us what we would be going through.
 A virtual reality helmet that was synced up to all the other helmets of the GAMERS. Together we would all go through different types of games and have to win 3 battles in each to get to the main area in which the technology was cloning itself and spreading harm to our outside world. They explained very little because there wasn’t much time. They assigned each GAMER to a seat with their own helmet. We all got into our seats and placed the helmets on top of our heads. It was dark at first but then the researchers in the control room flipped the switch which dimmed the lights in the arena and triggered the helmet to turn on. A shock was sent to our heads which put us into the other world.  As soon as the GAMERS entered the virtual world we all didn’t know what to expect. We knew that there was going to be a different variety of games in which we had to win 2 battles in each.
 Just as we all starred we heard a voice coming from above us. Was it a virtual god? No it was the same voice we heard in the arena. The scientist could communicate with us in the other world. He explained that instead of going through a variety of games we would only go through 1 type and only have to battle one major battle. He also explained that the world we were in right now is a FPS game. He directed us on where to get the weapons and armor we needed from the armory upstairs. We all rushed upstairs to check out what they had. We all stopped in shock of all the wide varieties of weaponry and armor they had. There were tanks, snipers, incendiary grenades and much more.
We all suited up in armor and choose two main weapons of our choice, followed by a couple grenades and extra mags. I chose to stick with my favorite combo in any FPS game I used to play, which was the Sniper rifle and an Assault Rifle for quick burst action. As we all completed getting our inventory together the voice popped back up “Now that you have your weaponry and armor, the battle begins…. Now!”. “What? How do we know what to do? Are we attacking or defending?” a man next to me yelled.
Just then the place shook. There was a huge explosion down the hall from us. *Click Click* was all you heard as every GAMER in the room loaded their weapon and got ready to move out. Just then a map popped up in front of us showing us our objective was to protect the goods in the room next to us for about 10 mins. And then advance onto the enemy ship and take it over. Sounded easy enough we thought. We all got in squads of 5 and guarded a certain area.
My squad was on the front line watching down the hall to where the explosion came from. I had 3 men down below me all looking down the hall while I went above them and set up my sniping position. The last man just kind of watched my back to make sure I was good on ammo. He claimed he wasn’t too good at FPS so I figured I’d give him an easy job. As we sat there guarding the hallway we wondered if anything was going to come. We sat there for about 2 minutes and thought that it was pointless.
 I signaled one of the 3 down low to go check it out as the other two protected him. They got up and quickly walked down the hall way to check out the explosion. As they reached the breach in the wall they inspected it and gave a thumbs up saying it was clear. I waved them the signal to come back. “How you doing back their Private?” I asked back to the guy behind me. No reply. I looked back and there I saw a monster holding him, covering his mouth with what seemed to be a type of sword against his throat. I quickly whipped out my assault rifle and took aim at the creature. He hissed at me and sliced the private’s neck and watched him drop to the ground.
 *BANG BANG* I quickly fired two shots into the creatures head as he tried to quickly run. As the creature laid their next to the private I inspected him very carefully. He was odd looking with his small arms and freakishly large legs, as  I sat there inspecting him I heard more shots coming from the room in which we were to protect. I quickly signaled my squad and told them to go to the room and help I’ll stay guard and watch the halls. They rushed into the room quickly shooting the enemy target they spotted. I turned back and watched the hall, looking threw my scope. I wondered how they got past without me seeing. Just then as I was looking through my scope I saw a thin line running across. I quickly shot at it.
*Bang* dropped another one of those creatures as blood dripped from his chest. Just then I called in saying they can turn invisible so make sure you guys have 360 coverage in there otherwise they will sneak up on you.


Guy: "I'm going to say this one more time! Clap off! (Claps hands)

...light still doesn't turn off

Guy: "God damn it!"

...picks up chair
...hears a scurry across the floor


Friday, April 1, 2011

"Behind her the noise escalated..."
What is the noise? WTF what was that omg it's Rebecca Black!!!!! run away!!!!